[Flash Review] Gfriend is frozen in time for Sunrise

(Or Pastel colors, violins and the worst camera man of kpop!!)

Gfriend had a comeback today promising the lead single of their second full album and I must say that I didn’t expected anything different that what we got on Sunrise, unfortunately.

There are some efforts here: the sun/moon symbol is appearing to create some conection with last year’s releases, the violin-driven melody matches Time For the Moon Night’s instrumental and the vocals are really something, especially Eunha’s contribution. However, none of these surpass the fact that is lacking something.

Maybe it is because of the pastel tones, the failed attempt to make a theory conection with other singles or the choreography being focused on its worse parts. The final result gives a taste that GFriend’s management just keep playing automatically and don’t let the group evolve. Even last year, when Time for the Moon Night gave a slight hint of a more serious and dark style, now it just seems that the group is back to its blasé comfort zone, and I do not expected how much it can last in terms of public and sales while the girls are getting older…

(But, on the other hand, my little sis loves the group and she just loved the single hahaha Maybe I’m just not the target audience here…)

This was Flash Review, the first post category fully in english from Hipster Aquarius!!! Did you like it??
The idea here is to write fast reviews (like the superhero Flash) to match the time of the releases. For the Portuguese readers, do not worry!!! A Portuguese analysis of the best (or worse) releases will take place in Sonorous Horoscope (“Horóscopo Sonoro” in portuguese).

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4 comentários em “[Flash Review] Gfriend is frozen in time for Sunrise

  1. não gostei dessa música, pareceu uma demo não finalizada de TFTMN. E eu fico preocupada porque elas tão ficando cada vez mais desinteressantes e as pessoas estão esquecendo delas também 😦

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